Got a Critter Problem? Whether You Have Animal Damage to the Home or Are in Need of Humane Animal Removal

Count on the Wildlife Removal Expert at Wallah Wildlife LKN

Bat Removal, Squirrel & Raccoon Prevention & Animal Control in Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville, NC & Surrounding Areas

When an animal makes its way into your home or office, it's not just the animal itself you have to worry about. All kinds of critters can do extensive damage in a short amount of time. Wallah Wildlife LKN offers animal control services in the Cornelius, Davidson, & Mooresville, NC area.

An experienced wildlife removal expert will eliminate the problem and prevent future incidents. Talk to us when you're in need of:

We use humane methods to eliminate the problem you're having. Call 704-430-6622 today to schedule animal removal in the Cornelius, Davidson, & Mooresville, NC area.

We'll take care of the repairs

A skilled wildlife removal expert takes care of more than the animal itself. We handle damage control, cleanup, decontamination, sealing and repairing. We remove dead animals and odors so your wildlife problem is a thing of the past. Keep your home and family safe. Contact Wallah Wildlife LKN today for animal control services in Cornelius, Davidson, & Mooresville, NC.

Leave the dirty work to us

Our trained and licensed professionals will make recommendations when it comes to preventing future problems. You don't want to worry about property damage, disease and other issues that can result from a wildlife issue. We look out for your safety, as well as the safety of the animal.

Talk to a wildlife removal expert in Cornelius, Davidson, & Mooresville, NC about your animal problems and concerns today.