About Us

Wallah Wildlife LKN is a wildlife removal service native to the Lake Norman area specializing in the live, humane removal of nuisance wildlife for both residential and commercial properties. Open 24/7 in case of emergency, Wallah Wildlife LKN specializes in the removal of Bats, Squirrels, Flying Squirrel, Raccoons, Birds (including Woodpecker, Starling, Pigeon, and Geese) Snakes, Fox, Coyotes, Opossum, Moles, Muskrats, Beavers, Chipmunks, and more!

Whether any of these critters have made a home in your attic, roof, gutters, crawlspace, inside the walls, under porch, or backyard, Wallah will come out promptly and access the situation. We will locate and eliminate the source of entry and do immediate damage control including trapping, cleanup, decontamination, sealing, and repairing. We also provide dead animal removal service, including help with eliminating odor. If you have unwanted guests on your property that need to be gotten rid of, don't take the risk, call on the experts and knowledge of our trained licensed professionals at Wallah Wildlife LKN.

We'll Take Away Your Worries

When an animal makes its way into your home or office, it's not always just the animal itself you have to worry about. Critters can do extensive damage in a short amount of time once inside your home. Keep your home and family safe by hiring an experienced Wildlife Removal Expert. Wallah Wildlife LKN offers animal control and animal removal services in Mooresville, Cornelius, & Davidson, NC and surrounding areas.

Let us take care of the problem and put your worries at ease. An experienced certified Wildlife Agent can eliminate the problem and prevent future incidents. Talk to us when you're having problems with wildlife. We specialize in the live humane removal of many critters. Services include:

Call 704-430-6622 today to schedule an inspection for help with animal removal services are available in the Lake Norman and Greater Charlotte Area including Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville, Troutman, Sherrills Ford, Denver, Huntersville, Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg, Matthews, Mint Hill, Belmont, and Charlotte, NC.


Leave the Repairs to Us! There is no need to worry yourself about property damage, we can help. "Its a win win when you choose Wallah Wildlife for the Removal and the Repairs". Our skilled wildlife removal expert is also a skilled handyman. We do damage control immediately locating the points of entry and sealing them up. Repairing the damage caused by the animal is important for preventing future occurence and keeping your home intact and looking great. We are licensed and insured to service both residential and commercial properties. Contact Wallah Wildlife LKN today for pest control, animal control, repair work, and handyman services in Cornelius, NC.


Don't take the risk, let our trained and licensed professionals take care of the dirty work for you instead. You don't want to worry about disease and other issues that can result from a wildlife problem. We handle the removal, the cleanup, and the decontamination. We look out for your safety, as well as the safety of the animal. We also provide dead animal removal service. We will treat and eliminate the foul odor for you so your wildlife problem is a thing of the past. Keep your home and family safe.

Talk to a wildlife removal expert in Cornelius, NC about your animal problems and concerns today (704)430-6622